Grooming Dog/Cat $90

Full Groom, This includes bath, trimming, sanitary, nails, ears.

Bath $15

Our Baths are the best! We use the highest quality our industry provides. Because your pet deserves it. Your pet will be left with a brighter, softer, sanitary coat, than when you dropped them off with.


Pet Daycare $10

Drop your pet off with us, we will provide food, entertainment, and most of all pampering. Pet day care hours are 8am-5pm. An additional charge of $25 if picked up after 5pm

Bath and brush only $30

Bath, Blow dry and Styling pets hair. This does not include deshedding.



We use high quality professional formula to deskunk your pet. This will help reduce or eliminate the smell of skunk on your pet. Best results are within the first 24 hours.


Blueberry Facial $10

Helps with tear stains on your pets face.


Creative Grooming (Color)

Want your pet to look like a Fox, Cheeta, or have a custom color pattern? We have pet safe colors to change your pets fur. This is a semi permanent dye. This is a long process, depending on the request and size of your pets (Cat, Dog) this can take 3-4 hours.

Call for Pricing.

Expressing Anal Glands $40

If your pet is experiencing discomfort, or dragging on the floor, We do offer Anal Gland expressing.


Belly Rubs Free

Highly trained in belly rubs.

Flea Treatment $40

This is a special process that your pet will get in their bath and out. Then we provide your pet with a one week supply flea treatment chewie that kills all larvae. eggs, and fleas. We check thoroughly though your pets fur before we send them back home. This will allow time to sanitize their bedding and surrounding areas at home.


Teeth Cleaning $30

We have professional tools and tooth paste formulated just for dogs and cats. This is a basic teeth cleaning.


Dog Nail Trimming $25

Keeping up with our pets nails is important to their health.


Dematting Dog and Cat $75

Includes Oatmeal/Aloe Bath to help rejuvenate skin. This may require a full shave. This is a long process. We want to make your pet as conformable as possible and provide care as we dematt your pet.

Ear Cleaning $30

We care about your Furr babies, their ears are important part of their daily lives. When they get dirty or infected this will lead to lots of itching and irritability, We have a delicate technique to ear cleaning that will remove all dirt and buildup, we will treat infected ears and pull hair around the ear canal that causes bacteria.


Dog Nail Painting $8

Your pet is extra just like you she needs her nails done too.


Deshedding $100

Deshedding, This is a long process and the same process may take from an two hours to three hours.

Full Body Massage $35

Promotes circulation, decrease pain, reduces anxiety aids immune system and digestion. thirty minute session.


Dog and Cat Perfume and Moisturizing $5

Need to freshen up your pet? Bring them by and we will use our professional finishing sprays and lotions.



Boarding and Home Boarding

Board with us in a home style setting where they feel at home and loved. They will have friends to play with and lots of human interaction.

Day Boarding $10 Day 8am-5pm

Night Boarding $25 Night 5pm-8am

Day and Night $35

If you prefer to keep your pet at your home, we can make daily visits to feed, water and clean up any messes and take them out for a walk. We also cater to other exotic animals like, Snakes, Spiders, Hamsters, Birds, Fish Etc.

Price varies by location, and Pet.

Pick up and Drop off

Free in Jacksboro.

$20 for 30 Miles

$40 for 40 Miles

$60 for 50-60 Miles

Socialization with Humans and Dogs $20

This is a day boarding with us from 8am-5pm. We will work with your dog to socialize with Humans and other Dogs in a safe environment. They will be supervised and worked with full time.


Pet Training $800

Dog basic training. Your pet will be boarded with Dymn Pamper Pets for two weeks. In that time, He or she will be put on a daily routine per training. Dog basic training includes potty training, jumping, sitting, staying, and going to bed (You and your pet will require continuous training at home after they are released back with the family). We cannot guarantee results*

Pet Poop Cleaning $40

Do you have a yard that needs regular cleaning of your pets poo.? Or do you need your cat boxes cleaned?